Pre-built Video On Demand solutions
to fit your business model

What if we could offer you a pre-built, content rich website and app platform, that streamed programming to your members at very little cost whilst generating a revenue stream for your organisation? 

At the flick of a switch, we can add your own branding, logos and colours, making the whole thing fit perfectly within your existing look and feel.

Stream video in a branded environment

Set yourself apart by publishing a video streaming website and/or mobile app customised to your brand. This puts your video content right into your user’s hands, where ever they are. This can be as simple as offering marketing and training videos to your clients without them having to re-visit your website, and offers you the ability to encrypt, control and view performance of your intellectual property.

Create a revenue stream from your content

Use the EzyStream platform to sell your content, then stream it in brilliant quality. Just like iTunes, you can offer your content publicly for sale on a fully equipped platform that manages everything from revenue collections to royalties. You get to concentrate on the stuff you do the best - being creative!

Monetise your free content with adverts

If you want your content available free, you can place advertising around it - our platform offers key demographic targeting and reporting allowing you to get your advertisers’ messages to their intended audience!

Our custom app solutions provide additional sticking point for your customers - the more connection points they have, the greater the engagement with your offering.