Get your content directly to the devices your customers are using everyday.

EzyStream is a world-class, secure way to digitally distribute and monetise your video content and know your customer via a customised VOD website and mobile app combination.

Customised Video On Demand Platforms

Imagine a fully functional video on demand service that is perfectly tailored to match your brand. We know that when we transform our storefront to reflect your brand - you end up looking like a million dollars.

Media Delivery

Build a media library including video, audio and PDFs and place it into a variety of environments including apps, a websites and podcasts.

EzyStream’s streaming solution is a cost-effective, beautifully designed service, designed to put your content in front of your customers.

Our graphical interface is clean, fresh and image-intense, with little text, allowing viewers to quickly navigate their way to content they really want to see.

Until now this type of technology has been prohibitively expensive. We believe strongly that content providers need these tools to effectively distribute in an increasingly crowded market - we want to resource you to stand out from the crowd and to do so cost effectively.