Market-leading, integrated media solutions

Publish Audio

We understand media hosting better than most – that’s why we’ve pulled all the functionality you need to publish your church audio into one easy to use interface. When the sermon is over, your tech drags the file to our back-end and the audio goes live in your app around an hour later. You can upload and stream an unlimited amount of audio all for one flat-fee.

Publish Video

If you record video of your services, then its the same interface that lets you instantly publish video with no additional data entry. A few clicks and it'll be pushed out to all your app and website users. We display everything in the most appealing way in your app and your people have one-click access to the best your church offers. 

Attach PDFs

It’s also extremely easy to add a PDF of notes to any media file and publish that instantly. Why not put the sermon notes up with the talk and give those who couldn’t make it the best possible remote-access experience?

Automatically integrate your media into your own website!

Now you can upload your media into one place and have it automatically publish not only into your app, but also onto your website.

Simply insert a small piece of code from our system (an iframe) into your existing website. All your new and existing EzyChurch hosted media will instantly appear - no double handling required! We automatically match the look and feel to that of your app, but you can override these if you wish. It’s also compatible with most website Content Management Systems (such as Word Press).

Publish to a Podcast

If you’d like your audio to also be published to an Podcast (In places like Apple Podcast, or Spotify), you can do that too! Just select ‘Add to my Podcast’ as you upload your media and it’ll appear automatically. The EzyStream platform makes it incredibly easy to manage your media. Upload once and publish in your app, on your website and into your Podcast! 

Sell Media

If you are running an event where you want to sell the recorded sessions, EzyStream can provide a full Video On Demand transactions system, allowing you to display media, sell it, and deliver it to mobile and desktop devices.

Take Media Offline

EzyChurch is about accessibility. Now you can take media offline to enjoy whenever and wherever you are. Downloaded titles appear in your library for consumption at a time that suits you.

When you’re done with the title, simply click to remove it and keep your device clear and uncluttered.


Does Your Church Use EzyChurch? Download the App Now!

If you are looking for the EzyChurch app because your church already uses our product – look no further! You can easily download the latest version by visiting the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store.

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