EzyConnect brings all your core communication into one place. It couldn’t be easier!

EzyConnect is the re-imagining of all your organisation communication into one simple, cost effective solution.

No coding required, just customise your app in our powerful dashboard.

Push Notifications

Place your updates directly on your communities device home screen

Connect with all your users – sending a message directly to their smartphone with the click of a single button. Imagine being able to cancel an event, change the details or send out encouragements to all your people as easily as sending a single text. All for free!


Members can instantly see the latest info about what’s on, where – and save events directly to their own calendar. Last minutes updates are direct to their phone with push notifications.

Integrate with your club’s existing Google Calendar (or other ICS based calendaring system) to publish upcoming events in your app. Members can instantly see what’s on and save the event into their own calendar. “Sorry I forgot” becomes a thing of the past.

Mobile and Web Giving

When cash is scarce – receive all manner of club-related funds directly from within the app. Subs, fundraisers – even the sausage sizzle!

EzyStream Giving offers a fully integrated solution into your mobile app, and existing website. Our integration with Apple and Google Pay shorten the giving process even further, minimising the need to re-enter card information.


Publish notes to everyone and allow them to edit their own copy as they participate.

Whether its a keynote speech, a training programme or staff notes, you can publish a master document and allow each person to edit their own version. These notes sync to our cloud, making them available to all your users’ devices.

Publish Media Instantly

Deliver training, engaging-media, highlights from events or anything else video, audio or print, directly to the app with no fuss. Better still advise everyone when new material is there with a push notification to drive engagement.

Create your own media library, with EzyStream hosting your video, audio and PDF files. Just drop them into your dashboard and publish to your app, website, and podcast with one action!

Embed Forms

Capture information easily within your app.

A quick and easy way to embed html based forms into your app, saving time and money on data entry by allowing users to fill in any form you can imagine, direct from their device. This can seamlessly integrates with your CMS, pushing data directly into your existing databases.

Plus lots more...

Customised Branding

If you’re feeling creative, you can customise the look of your EzyConnect app to match your brand. Change the logo, add a splash of colour or create graphics-rich banners to engage with your people even more. 

Newsletters and PDFs

Publish beautifully formatted, PDF files directly to the app. Fantastic for conference info, timetables, club notices, or special announcements. The document can be changed with the click of a button.

Infoodle Directory & Rosters

EzyConnect integrates seamlessly with the infoodle Management Software. infoodle customers can get direct access to your Directory, Rosters, Tools and Forms from right within your app. Check our partner integrations page for more info.

Social Media Connect

You are probably already engaging with your people through social media - we can plug the app into your existing feed. A one-stop shop for all things your church. 


Your EzyChurch app integrates beautifully with the Apple device eco-system. Users can not only play your content on their iPad or iPhone, but also flick the AirPlay button and send your video stream to their Apple TV - making their device a TV remote for your content.


Like-wise, if your user loves ChromeCast, they can cast your content from their Apple or Android device straight to their TV, maximising the number of ways a user can play your content on their TV screen.