Simple, Secure Donation Management

A simple and cost effective solution

EzyStream Giving is designed to provide you with a means to easily receive digital donations, or payments for your not-for-profit events via both Apple and Android devices, as well as on your website.

There are no costly setup fees, and with our custom apps, no monthly fees - just a low per transaction fee which can be covered by you, or by the person making the donation.

Make donating easy

There are no complicated forms for a giver to fill-in, a short one-time registration and then it’s click to give, either as a one time donation, or on a recurring schedule.

Encourage recurring giving

Recurring givers form the backbone of any non-profit organisation. Recurring gifts are created just as easily as a one time gift, all connected to Apple and Google Pay.

Link giving to your media player

EzyStream Giving is the only app-based digital giving system that fully integrates a call to action with your hosted media.  

Imagine the power of an update from a disaster area, filmed on your iPhone, uploaded to your EzyConnect app and push-notified to your community all within the hour. The call to action overlay makes maximum use of the power of the video to stir up a willingness to help, and help now! No post, no email, no delay.

Connect giving to your website

Our simple iFrame integration also allows you to utilise EzyStream Giving on your website. We supply the code you need and it takes just a few minutes to implement fully integrated giving into your existing website.