Office Workstations

Workstation Safety:

  • Keep your workstation(s) clean and tidy.
  • Ensure that you have ample ventilation in the room(s) you are working in.
  • Sit comfortably, ensuring that your eye line is always approximately level with the top of the screen displays.
  • Adjust the brightness of screen displays to minimize glare and resulting eyestrain.
  • Use large font or expanded view where possible to minimize eye strain.
  • Maintain the office lighting level at a brightness appropriate to the nature of the task. Minimise backlighting behind your screens.
  • Switch off screens, or set to screensaver to minimize screen 'burn' when leaving workstation for a prolonged period.
  • Log off when leaving a workstation, if appropriate.
  • Shut down machines overnight unless processing (to reduce power consumption and heat build-up in offices).
  • Switch off lights, air-conditioners and other appliances whenever possible (to reduce power consumption and heat build-up).

Electrical Safety:

  • Ensure that all mains plugs are firmly pushed into their sockets at all times.
  • Always do everything in your power to minimize all possibilities of electrical arcing and/or overheating.
  • Never leave curtains, drapes or any other flammable materials lying on electrical connections.
  • Always switch off a socket before unplugging from it.
  • Unless running on battery, power down a computer before unplugging it.