Fire and Emergency Evacuation

If the fire alarm sounds, please follow this proceedure:

Assembly Point for Evacuation (Tauranga Office)

  1. Exit the building through the main doors.Richard Smith is the Fire Warden for our office. Please follow his instructions.
  2. Meet by the Guthrie Bowron sign on Owen’s Street, outside our building.
  3. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING with you.

Note: There are monthly random drills to practice this emergency procedure.

If you find a fire:

In the event of fire or suspicion of fire:

  1. Isolate the cause of the fire, if it is possible to do so, without causing you any harm.
  2. Sound the alarm, and/or report the danger to your Supervisor.
  3. Evacuate the building via the nearest Exit and assemble in the car park well away from the building.

Fire-extinguisher is located:

  1. By the kitchen entrance, and,
  2. By the server rack in the infoodle office