Re-sell proven software

EzyStream is a powerful, robust platform, built for scale. 

We are looking for key partners who represent different industries where our solutions can provide value to the organisations you already work with. 

We have opportunities for both resellers and sales partners in various territories around the world. 

If you work within an industry you think would benefit, please contact us. We believe in generously rewarding our partners.

Opportunities exist to resell some of our core software solutions:

  • App based product ordering, 
  • Video on Demand and media hosting/delivery, 
  • Staff recognition and engagement,
  • Community communication and engagement

In some cases, content designed to engage and build loyalty is also available to sales partners in some territories, such as staff benefits and discounts. 

Every organisation has a community. Whether it be staff, distributors, recurring customers, or maybe club members, EzyStream is designed to connect you this them, engage them, and inspire them. By allowing mobile access to the key information required by your community, Our platform pulls the key information and tools required by that community into a mobile solution providing a simple, single entry point.