Start rewarding your staff

Market-leading, integrated media solutions

Enhance your solution with additional types of media and integration.

Push Notifications

Place your updates directly on your staff devices' home screen

Connect with all your staff – sending a message directly to their smartphone with the click of a single button. Imagine being able to notify about an event, change or CEO update with such ease!

Publish Media

For maximum impact you can easily publish a video of a recent event, CEO monthly update, product promo or training and technique resources. Watch via the app, Apple TV or ChromeCast and embed the media into your website – perfect for resourcing your team, engaging with them, and building strong organisational values into daily digital comms.


No more going here for this, and there for that...

We integrate your Google calendar (or other ICS based calendaring system) directly with the app – no extra admin time on your behalf, but all your events are pushed directly to the device of the those who most need to know.  A simple click and we deliver driving directions or a quick link to a personal calendar – “Sorry I forgot” becomes a thing of the past.


Publish notes to everyone and allow them to edit their own copy as they participate in a meeting.

Create a note for everyone to access, and then allow them to change it as they wish. These notes sync to our cloud, making them available to all your users’ devices.

Embed Forms and Web Content

Capture information easily within your app.

Access external secure HTML content as if it were part of the app itself. If you have a blog, pre-coded html functionality or any other information that you want to publish, it’s easily and instantly placed in your app.

Plus lots more...

Customised Branding

Publish your own branded app and customise the look to match your brand. Change the logo, add a splash of colour or create graphics-rich banners to engage with your staff even more. 

Newsletters and PDFs

Publish beautifully formatted, PDF files directly to the app. Fantastic for staff newsletters, health and safety information, and more.

Social Media Connect

You may already be engaging with your staff through social media - we can plug the app into your existing feed.


Your app integrates beautifully with the Apple device eco-system. Users can not only play your content on their iPad or iPhone, but also flick the AirPlay button and send your video stream to their Apple TV - making their device a TV remote for your content.


Like-wise, if your user loves ChromeCast, they can cast your content from their Apple or Android device straight to their TV, maximising the number of ways a user can play your content on their TV screen.

Optional Copy Protection (DRM)

Protect your content using encryption technology approved by Hollywood studios. We protect your content in the cloud, manage its usage and make sure it can never be copied.

User Management

Our backend user management system allows you to manage your staff user base, including access control - ensuring that only current staff are validated into your app eco-system.

Private Apps

Keep your app private from the App Store, so that only your staff can download it.