A free, fully
featured Church App during COVID-19

Use EzyChurch Free during the COVID-19 Crisis!

EzyChurch is a powerful tool for your community while you're unable to meet.
This fully featured App is available unconditionally free of charge* until 30 September 2020 or until restrictions on church gatherings end, whichever is the later.

* If you choose to use our Online Giving Solution, individual transaction costs still apply.

Let us know your church size, provide us some details, and we'll get your app started!

My church has over 120 adult members

Get My Free App

(normally $99/month)

My church has under 120 adult members

Get My Free App

(normally $69/month)

My church has under 60 adult members

Get My Free App

(normally $29/month)

What you get:

Get access to our EzyChurch Full Package, which includes:
(Learn more about these features)

  • Integrated Giving, including Google and Apple Pay
  • Push Notifications
  • Audio Hosting
  • Video Hosting
  • Embedded YouTube Live Stream
  • Publish pages using PDFs you upload
  • Embed web content natively into your app
  • Podcast Feed
  • Website Media Plugin
  • In-App Brand Customisation
  • Bible Reader
  • Social Media Connect
  • Resonate and Good TV Content Libraries
  • Events (Google/ics sync)
  • Service Locations and Times
  • Add buttons to external websites

What happens after 30 September 2020?

After the COVID-19 crisis is over, you can choose to keep using EzyChurch to keep your community connected even when you can gather together. Before then, we'll contact you with our normal pricing and your account will automatically tick over to our standard full package at $99 per month. If your church is under 120 adults, we will continue to offer you our standard full package at the reduced rate of just $69 per month, or $29 per month if your church is less than 60 adults.

At any point during this promotional period, you can request that your account be changed to a different plan, or even cancelled. Our team can help you explore these options as required.

Please note all pricing is based on your local currency in New Zealand and Australia or US Dollars in other countries, and is exclusive of any relevant sales tax in your country.


Q: Do I have to pay the standard setup fee?
A: During this promotional period, we are offering free setup to organisations who configure their app themselves. If you'd like help setting up your app, our expert team can do this with you, for the normal, once-off $99 (excl GST) setup fee.

Q: How long will this offer be available?
A: This is a very special offer created for the COVID-19 lockdown. it is currently only available to new customers in Australia until the end of May 2020.

Q: What about transaction costs if I use EzyStream Giving?
A: We still have to pay the bank fees incurred by EzyStream Giving transactions, so the transaction fees will continue to be passed on to you. Transaction fees in New Zealand are 30c + 2.9% per transaction, and in Australia are 30c + 2.4% per transaction. We'll provide all our information on fees and settlement before you start using EzyStream Giving.

Q: What will happen to my account after 30 September if I don't start paying for it?
A: If you don't want to start paying for your account, or don't have a valid credit card loaded after the promotional period, your account will be deleted and all your church members will lose access to your EzyChurch app environment.

Q: I’m already an EzyChurch customer, can I use this package?
A: This offer is for new customers using the EzyChurch app, as an extended promotional period, designed for churches who haven't experienced the benefit of an app for their community and need a quick solution during the COVID-19 crisis. However different free bundles are available to help you during the COVID-19 lockdown, depending on the plan you are using. Please contact us, or your app’s publisher for more details.

Q: Is this offer available in other partner apps like Infoodle?
A: No, this offer is self service based, in the EzyChurch app only. If you would like your app to appear in the Baptist NZ app, this can be requested after your account is setup.

Please note that all account are subject to our Channel Terms and Conditions, User Account Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Does Your Church Use EzyChurch? Download the App Now!

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